Chris Harth Photography | Download and Sharing Instructions

Download and Sharing Instructions

Please read through the notes below before browsing through your images or if you need guidance for downloading images...

For Facebook and other social media sharing:

Right-click on the image and select download size (xx-large is best). Please tag "Chris Harth Photography" (on Facebook) or "@chris.harth" (on Instagram) for photographer credit :)

For printing:

If you would like to order prints through the website, click the BUY button while looking at the photo you like and choose a printing option. You are not restricted to print through the site, but it is an option if you would like. The full-resolution images you download can be taken elsewhere for printing.

Download the full-resolution:

Full Albums: To download the full-versions just go into the gallery, for example "Wedding Reception": at the top-right menu bar choose "select photos" button, then select "download" after it appears to the right. Select "download entire gallery" from the pop-up window and save to your computer. They will be in a zip folder that you will have to right-click and "unzip".

Single Images: Right-click on the image and select "Download" then choose "Original".

For any other questions or guidance, feel free to email myself at